Developing with equi-ability

As you progress in equi-ability you gain awards which are different horse colours. The Grey Award is where all new partnerships begin. There are three levels within each Award and the levels for the Grey Award are Light Grey, Dapple Grey and Steel Grey in that order.


You complete video entries at each level and you must include the Agility and then choose either the Ridden or In-Hand (Non-ridden from the ground) Expressions. For In Hand you can also choose whether you want to include trot or have walk only.

When you have chosen which to do, plan and practice your pattern until you feel ready to film it. There are members resources like the Hints and Tips sheets to help you but you can also contact us anytime if you are struggling.


The Ridden Expression is about how well you and your equine partner work in harmony with each other, focusing on your rider connection. We are looking for the horse to be relaxed and working with the rider, demonstrating a mutual understanding of what is being communicated.


We don’t insist on a set routine but give you elements that must be seen in your entry. You can plan your own pattern and choose where to do what, so that you can make it to suit you and your horse. We also give you access to the Hints and Tips on the members website to help you.


In-Hand Expression is the non-ridden alternative and the same process applies. As for Ridden Expression, you are free to plan your own pattern to include the set criteria. In Hand Expression is looking for how well you work in harmony with your equine partner from the ground, focusing on your connection and communication.


The Agility is about introducing various obstacles to the equine and human partnership. These could be things to walk over, under, through or past, and some levels might also include specific tasks to undertake. Each obstacle or task is assigned a star rating for its difficulty, and equi-ability set criteria for your course with a certain number of obstacles at each star-rating. You can design the layout that works best for you and your partner. Each course will have up to ten obstacles, laid out in an enclosed area. Agility work increases your horse’s confidence in you as a partner and is designed to stretch his/her comfort zone in a very calm, friendly and supportive way.


Then film your entry and send to us for marking, via the website members only page. With your mark you will get feedback and suggestions of exercises which might help you to improve specific areas. A certificate is issued for every passed entry. When you have submitted and passed the Agility plus the Ridden or In Hand Expressions at all three levels in that Award you will receive a sash for that colour. 

And then you can move onto the next Award which is Roan!