Online Competitions

On this page is all the information about our current Online Competitions. You can download the patterns and we also have a downloadable version of the mark-sheet which may give additional information. You can also enter and pay through the buttons on this page. For information about filming see our FAQ page.

All entrants will be sent a mark-sheet with our comments and most importantly with our suggested activities to help the partnerships improve.

We also have a chat button at the bottom of this ask us if you have questions!

Summer Agility Online Competition

Deadline extended until noon Monday 23rd August

The overall winner will win an equi-ability cap and sash as well as agility equipment!

 Rosettes will be awarded up to 6th place!

All in walk and all in hand. Entries can be sent until midnight Sunday 8th August 2021

Simply complete and film the course and then send us your film and make the payment using the button. We will mark the film and send your marks with feedback. 


Dont forget that we mark for how the horse and handler are between obstacles....this is more about how you get the job done than ticking off the obstacles!

Obstacles for Summer
Online Agility Competition