How do I join equi-abilty?

​​​You can join us by clicking on to the the Membership page. Then click on the Individual Membership join us button and you will go to our sign up form. Once you have completed and submitted the form, please use the BUY NOW button which will take you to a Paypal sign in which you will need to authorise in the usual way. (If you are not able to use Paypal please contact us directly using the contact us form, although PayPal can be used as a visitor if you dont have an account). You will receive an email confirming the details on your membership form. When payment has cleared you will receive a welcome email from us.


You will then need to create an account which will send us a request to join the site. When we have matched your account request with your membership form, we will then authorised you to view the whole site, including the members only areas.

What are the rules? 

Here is a link to equi-ability overall rules. Each separate event may have it's specific rules

How do I upload and submit an online entry? 

Our preferred manner is via YouTube but we would like to keep your options as flexible as possible.

YouTube – If you have a YouTube account, simply upload your video onto your account and inform us of the link as described below. You can make your video private so that it is seen only by those people you choose to share it with.

If you do not have a YouTube account, you can easily set one up. Find YouTube via your web browser, complete the account details and then upload your video.

WeTransfer.com – Find WeTransfer.com via your web browser and follow the instructions on the page.

When you have uploaded or sent your video, complete your entry submission and payment as below, noting in the text box how we can view it.


This is the first time I've done anything with equi-ability. What are you looking for in the online entries?

Welcome!!! We have attached a bit of an introduction to what we are looking for and how we mark the online patterns. Have a look at what we have said and if you have any further questions contact us directly - we are happy to support!

How do I pay for an online entry?

To enter one of our open on-line competitions you simply go to the events page, select the option which you want to enter and follow the directions via the shop pages.

​To make an entry for one of the levels you will need to be a member. When you have clicked onto Members page, decide which type of entry you are sending e.g In Hand Expression and from that identify which level you are entering eg Light Grey. Please note that everyone progresses through all of the levels in the specified order, and you will need to identify which is your next level and enter accordingly. When you have selected your phase and the level you are entering, please make some notes in the notes box. This should include yours and your horse's names, and must identify how we can access your video. If it is YouTube, which is our preferred manner then please include the link address. If  you have submitted your video in any other way, please use the box to tell us how it has been submitted and we can identify it to you.



Do you have any filming tips?

equi-ability have some suggestions to help you to make the most of your filming.

  1. The horse and rider or handler should remain in the centre of the frame throughout

  2. The entire pattern or course must be filmed in one session. We will not accept edited films or films taken in separate parts

  3. For agility we must be able to see the obstacle in full.

  4. Filming from outside the arena is best if space allows. Try to follow the horse by moving the camera or phone. The film taker should not need to move about.

  5. Record with sound on.

  6. Save your file as a MOD,MOV,AVI,M4V,WMV or as MP4.

How I progress through equi-ability?
Our page on Progressing the Partnership has more details.
How do I attend Face to Face competitions?
All events will be advertised on our website and on social media. Instructions on how to register and pay will be included in the advert.
How do I keep track of my progression? 
At the back of each award handbook there are pages for you to make your own notes and keep track of how you are getting on. There are sections for you to record what you have submitted and when, as well as the key points of feedback and areas to work on. We encourage all members to ask for support if there is any element of the equi-ability that they are struggling with.
How often can I enter?
You can enter as often as you would like to. We only suggest that you allow yourself adequate development time between entries at increasing levels, but how long that needs to be will depend on where you and your horse's relationship is at the current time.