Why Choose equi-ability? 

We believe that humans have a responsibility to ensure that their equine partners are listened to, and that any training is done with kindness and thoughtfulness. We believe that the human/equine partnership can truly create Power In Harmony when there is an open relationship which is based on respecting and understanding the horse’s natural instincts. We believe that the horse should be calm and feel safe as the partnership develops and that how we communicate with them is fundamental. We need to be consistent, giving clear boundaries in a way that the horse can understand, whilst always listening to them.


When in harmony, we see human and equine communicating effectively and adapting according to each other’s feedback. We also see excellent timing and feel from the human, and a horse that chooses to be part of that bond.


It is always good to have a structure within which such harmony can develop, and which demonstrates the progress being made. equi-ability gives that structure.

Our grounding principles are always based on the question…


For us to succeed, what does my horse most need from me right now?”


equi-ability is open to all equines and all humans – there are very few rules, which are only in place for clarity or to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members and their equine partners. There is no dress-code, other than a riding hat!


So, whether you have worked with horses for years or it’s a completely new adventure, whether you choose to ride or to focus on groundwork, whether you want to go fully tacked, headcollar or no tack at all, equi-ability welcomes every one of you warmly.


equi-ability will:


·      Help to maintain your horse’s fitness, working on both physical and emotional wellbeing

·      Strengthen confidence for both the equine and human partner

·      Deepen the understanding and relationship between you and your horse

·      Take you through graded challenges and enable you to monitor your development