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Power in Harmony

equi-ability supports people with their ridden and non-ridden equines (horses, ponies, mules, donkeys) to develop effective communications, mutual trust and genuine partnership.

We do this using online graded challenges as well as face to face clinics. We also run online competitions.

equi-ability is primarily an online activity based training programme designed to help you develop a deeper and more harmonious relationship with your horse. 

Our approach

  • provides expert support 

  • gives instruction which can be applied to suit your ability and expertise

  • offers practical advice adapted to the capabilities and temperament of you and your horse.

  • is designed to do at your own pace and without the need to travel.

  • gives you tools to monitor your progress

  • offers constructive feedback and exercises to try

  • helps to maintain your horse’s fitness, working on both physical and emotional wellbeing

  • strengthens confidence for both the equine and human partner

  • deepens the understanding and relationship between you and your horse

  • encourages you to have fun and enjoy your time together


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Fun for all equines, ridden or not!